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Split (A/B) Testing

Squeeze more from your marketing campaigns by split testing your content and letting your visitors decide what’s best.  

We absolutely love helping clients to find the winning combination and a basic split test can be set up in a matter of minutes!

What to Split Test?

The sky's the limit really and depends on your site, goals and objectives, but below is a small sample of what you could test;

  • Landing Page Head Line – Price  v Benefit Statement
  • Checkout Buttons – Colour, Size, Icons
  • Registration Page – Progress v No Progress Bar
  • Images – Type, Size, Position
  • Call to action – Size, Colour, Placement 

Have a hunch about your site and want to test the impact? 

Find answers with statistical confidence rather than design guesswork with a controlled test.

What Next? 

Call 01582 227247 today and let's discuss your split testing potential! Alternatively, send us an email at or complete our online contact form.