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Behavioral Targeting

Take testing to the next level and personalize your website to different user groups and watch your ROI flourish!

Behavioural targeting allows you to tailor your content to a particular user group and from a very basic 'Welcome Back' message to returning visitors to a discount code for existing customers.

Site Personalisation

Below is just a sample of what can be achieved with behavioural targeting; 

  • Inserting PPC keywords dynamically into headline, H1 or main body content of the landing page
  • Showcase particular offers / products depending on keywords used
  • Provide discounts for new or returning customers
  • Display different content based on user location
  • Promoting different set of products / offers depending on time / day of the week 

Personalising your web content allows you to match user behaviour and their intent with your content, which increases user satisfaction and more importantly sales.

Sounds easy doesn't it?

Give us a call and we'll talk your through the options available.