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Google Analytics Training

Improve your analytical skills with hands on training by a Google Analytics qualified consultant. 

You’ll walk away with fresh ideas, practical hints and tips and will no doubt want to take on the analytical world! 

What's Included?

Depending on your level of knowledge experience a typical training program would cover;

  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Setting up an account, profiles, filters, tagging
  • Setting up goals and goal funnels
  • Creating events & using virtual page views
  • Assessing and comparing traffic sources
  • Reviewing top content & in page analytics
  • Interpreting data and assessing key reports
  • Multi channel funnels and attribution modelling

 Our aim is to improve your knowledge and show the tools to make more informed marketing decisions about your digital investment.

What Next?

Let's talk statistics!

Call 01582 227247, email or complete our online contact form and we'll be in touch shortly to discuss  your Google Analytics account.