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Google Analytics Audit

Make more informed decisions on your digital investment and uncover hidden gems that are currently being overlooked.

Our Google analytics audit will identify your top performing channels, strongest campaigns and any gaps in your search strategy.  

Google Analytics Audit

Your account will be analysed by a qualified Google Analytics consultant and below is just a sample of what you can expect;

  • Configuration Sanity Check (profiles, filters, goals, funnels, AdWords linking, event tracking)
  • Key Reports & Metrics (top content, conversion, traffic sources, ecommerce)
  • Interpreting data & customizing reports (ROI, match type, device analysis, search queries)
  • User engagement & habits (page views, in page analytics, internal site search)
  • Customer journey (funnel visualisation, abandonments, visitor flow)
  • Multi Channel Funnels & attribution (assisted v last click conversions, top conversion paths, time lag, attribution modelling tool)

Our audits are bespoke to your needs and our consultants will discuss your requirements in great detail before embarking on an analytical journey!

What Next?

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